Thursday, February 13, 2014


First off, its been a few days since I've updated and this is simply because of illness.  My youngest son was sick for the better part of a week and then I got sick, AGAIN! Ugh. But I am feeling MUCH better now and getting back to my regular workouts and all is right again. So, on to today's topic.

I am feeling a bit annoyed.  In fact, I've felt annoyed by this particular thing for the past couple days but wanted to take some time to really sort out of my feelings before I blogged about it.

A few days ago, while surfing through my Facebook Newsfeed, I came across this gem:

Now, for the most part, I really get a kick out of these little card things that people create and share on the Internet.  But this one? It rubbed me the wrong way. And then I read the comments on it. Someone said, 'this is why I do not wear yoga pants in public. You shouldn't do that unless your ass is perfect'. THAT annoyed me even more. Why? Because......I AM AN AVID YOGA PANT WEARER.  I wear them to bed, I wear them around the house, I wear them to go grocery shopping, I wear them on family nights out, I will probably request to be dressed in them when I am BURIED!

Why does this annoy me so much? Because, who are YOU to convict a person's ass? Guess what? To me, my ass IS perfect, because its the one God gave me. Because its the ass my husband fell in love with, because its the ass that I've always received compliments on (from the opposite sex of course). I'm not about to condemn ANYONE for wearing their yoga pants with pride. They are comfortable, they are forgiving, and black is slimming!

Another point is this, some women who wear Yoga Pants may do so simply because regular jeans or other pants are not comfortable and/or they do not fit well in them. And who are YOU to judge? Maybe they're working on losing a few pounds, maybe they're deeply insecure about their appearance, and the LAST THING that person needs is your judgment.

Now, I know, we are a judgmental society in general.  Seriously! I catch myself making small judgments about others (in my head) on a daily basis.....but I always stop myself and think, 'ya know? what if that were me? I sure wouldn't like it if others were thinking that or saying that about me!'.  The Golden Rule people. Learn it. Live it. Love it. I teach it to my oldest child and will be teaching it to my youngest just as soon as he can grasp the concept.  Stop judging others, ESPECIALLY based on their choice of clothing. Get a life.

That is all.