Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Call it a Comeback!!!!!

Well hello there bloggers and....blogees???? lol Is that what you're called if you're an avid reader of blogs?

 I know, I know....I've said "I'm back!" before and it never quite stuck....but really and truly...I am back this time for good. Well, at least for the next year. Yes, as you may have already guessed, this is a blog entry about....you guessed it....my goals for 2014. *Note: I used the term 'goals' instead of 'resolutions'* What I do - which I realize, may be different than others - is to make GOALS for the New Year and then seek to achieve those goals.  Some goals may be extremely easy, while others may be extremely difficult. But reaching those extremely EASY goals seems to make me more motivated to attack those lofty, more difficult goals. 

So, with all that being said: Here are my goals for 2014. (Not in any particular order of importance)

1.  Lose 70lbs (Yes, this is one of those LOFTY, and more difficult goals. HOWEVER, I WILL accomplish it. 70lbs is what it would take for me to be at my ULTIMATE goal weight of 150lbs. I am determined to finally reach that goal.  I do not care if it takes me until midnight on Dec. 31st 2014! I WILL do it. That's all there is to it).

2. Run two 5k's and two 10k's in the year 2014. (This is my attempt to get my running back up to par and to get myself worked up to a half marathon.  Some of you - if you watch my YouTube videos - know that I have made a life goal of running a FULL marathon by the time I'm 30yrs old. This gives me about 3 years to work on this life goal. So, in 2014 this is how I will be working my way up to that goal).

3. Begin Schooling for my BA in Legal Studies. (This goal is an example of one of the easier, more readily attainable goals.  I have already submitted my application and transcripts, now I'm just waiting to see if there is availability in the Spring Semester for me to begin, or if I'll have to wait until the Summer sessions begin. But still, it is important for me to obtain my BA and its something I want to begin doing THIS year).

4. Daily Meditation.  (This one is also fairly simple.  I remember taking a class in college - which was a bit of a blow off course - but in it, the professor taught the importance of meditation.  And we even practiced meditation in the first 15 minutes of every class! Some of us just thought it was lame, but I have to admit that I began to look forward to those first 15minutes.  So, I would like to begin daily meditation.  I want to do it in the beginning of each day, but ultimately, as long as I can get in some meditation time before I go to sleep at night, I will consider that goal met).

And that's really it! I know, its not a very long list but I feel like if you make too many goals, you will forget about the ones that are REALLY important to you. And these few goals are the ones I'm most focused on accomplishing. I guess another goal is to continue with my Youtube videos which are mainly focused on weight loss.  I really enjoyed sharing my life with others on Youtube and I found that my journey to health and fitness was really interesting/inspiring to many others who watched. So I'm starting that back up as well. I have been making videos for the past few months already and I want to keep that going.

In addition to my Youtube videos, I will also be blogging from time to time.  I'm making it a goal to blog at least twice weekly, but I may blog more.  My blogs will probably be mostly about weight loss and my efforts to get back to my healthy weight, but from time to time, I tend to ramble. So get ready for that. (haha).

Well, if you made it this far, I thank you. I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and successful New Year. Make it a GREAT year! I intend to.

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