Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Plan....

As with any goal one may have in one's life, there is a need to come up with a plan, a "course of action" so to speak, that will enable you to tackle that goal.  That is what this post is about.  This is about my plan.

Sadly, there's not much a plan to blog about, not yet.  I've allowed my day-to-day responsibilities to pile up and therefore, have not had much time to come up with an actual "Plan".  But I do have what I would call, an outline to a plan. And it is as follows.

Seeing as how I would like to lose about 70lbs in a year (which is 12 months), this means that each month I would need to lose about 6lbs.  And yes, I DID just pull out my calculator to figure that out - don't judge me by my terrible, non existent math skills - In keeping with said logic, I am therefore placing a monthly weight loss goal of about 6lbs. 

My second goal for this year was to run two 5ks and two 10ks.  A good friend of mine gave me the advice that I should go ahead and sign up for these races now.  That way I will have something to work towards that I KNOW I have to do, seeing as I've already paid for it.  Well, I have begun researching local races and races where my parents live (about 2 hours away from me).  My outline to meet this goal is this:  In total I'm going to run 4 races this year. Being as there are 12 months in this year, this means I will need to run a race every 3 months. And no, I did NOT need my calculator for that one. Keeping with said logic, I will need to run my first race either at the end of March or the very beginning of April, the second race by the end of June or beginning of July, and so on and so on.  I think you get the idea.  I will be sure to keep this blog updated when I register for these races.

The third goal I set for myself this year was to begin my schooling for my Bachelor's Degree in Law/Legal Studies.  This goal is very easy.  Before the New Year, I already submitted all my information and now I'm simply waiting on the school to let me know if there is room for me in the program for this semester (Spring) or if I'll have to wait until the next semester (Summer).  Look at that! Goal already met! .....well, almost.

Lastly, I made a goal to start Daily Meditations.  Well, I'm here to say that it is 4 (almost 5) days into the year and I have not meditated...not even ONCE! Oh man....I'm failing at this goal already. I downloaded the app.....I have the time....I just have not done it.  Well, that's going to change.  I have decided to start having 5 minutes (at least) of meditation in the mornings BEFORE I get the kids out of bed.  THAT is my plan to achieve this goal. 

So there you have it.  My outline to my master plan of how I'm going to achieve these 4 goals I have set out for myself this year.  I am a big believer in planning.  But as my brother once said, having a plan is great, but WORKING THE PLAN is what gets you results. 

How true, how true.

Until next time kiddos....

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