Monday, April 11, 2011

5am Running Queen...

Yes, I actually did it. I got my butt up out of bed at 5am (well, it was more like 5:10am) and I did my ENTIRE 5k run. I will admit, those first 10 minutes involved me laying there in bed and doubting whether I could do the run this early, and if I even wanted to. But there was a distinct point where I just said to myself, 'what the heck? I got nothing to lose here, might as well give it a shot...' AND I DID!

I don't know how stupid or crazy this will sound, but I swear to you, this morning's run was almost spiritual in a way. I stepped outside and immediately noticed a slight fog hovering just over the roads. As I descended the 3 flights of stairs and walked to my 'starting point', my stomach was in knots. There was this eery silence that hung heavy in my ears. The fog was more dense than I thought now that I was at ground level, and noticing this filled my stomach with excited butterflies. I turned on my beats (Kid Cudi to be exact) and began my 5k loop.

It was as if the entire city was still asleep. I would look up and see the houses that I was passing and I noticed that they were still dark inside, no one was awake. But there I was....running....just me, my beats, and my feet hitting the pavement at a steady pace. I will admit I ran at a much slower pace today. Could have been because it was so early and I'm not used to being up at that hour, but I like to think it was more because I was thoroughly enjoying this run and really taking in my surroundings. For the first time ever, I was just reveling in 'the run' and not worrying about beating a time.

There's a certain road on this 5k run that has a big field on either side of me and woods at the edge of the field. The fog was just lifting and a beautiful scene of nature appeared to me. I even passed some street lights just as they were turning off because the sun was now starting to peek its little rays through the fog. When I tell you that I have never had such an amazing run in my life as I did this morning, you can TOTALLY believe the truth in that statement.

This must be what it feels like to be at peace. Although my heart rate was pumping and I was (obviously) sweating, I was happy....I was confident....I was not worried about anything other than the steady 'thudding' of my feet against our solid earth. And for the first time, I smiled while running. I think I may have smiled for the entire last 2.5 kilometers. Before, I used to think of my running as something new to accomplish, just another thing I can become "good" at. Today changed that way of thinking for me. I now realize that my running is more for sanity, it provides peace of mind and clarity of thought. And that makes me truly, deeply happy.
Today WILL be a great day.
Yep, just call me Julie 'Prefontaine'.

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  1. Wow Julie, so amazing! I just now read your post after I already replied to you on FB. Now I understand where you were coming from!

    Walking for me is many things. It is spiritual, it is meditative. It is moving, thought provoking, inspiring. It seems so simple but yet it isn't. It seems boring on the outside but it isn't. I always emerge with a new perspective and as a different person.

    I'm sure it comes from the Bible or some other religious text (not sure which one), but there is so much truth in the "walk in the sun and leave your shadows behind you".

    Just think, you can have this, for free (no gym membership!) each day for the rest of your life. How amazing is that? :)