Friday, May 27, 2011

"You Do You...I'll Do Me..."

You might think the title of this post sounds a little off. But please allow me to explain.

I won't pretend that the idea or thought pattern for this entry is all my own. I watched a video from a lovely young lady on Youtube (her name is Jen). If you would like to check out the video I'm talking about, here is the link: just go there and its the most recent video she has posted. Anyway, in her video she talked about how she felt rather insulted when someone decided to tell her that everything (nutritionally) that she does after she finishes her 'long runs' (which means like over 20 kilometers, seriously this girl is an amazing runner and you should check her out...not literally....although she is pretty easy on the eyes...haha). This person, whoever it was, was a poorly educated person that read something about supplements or whatever online on Wikipedia (seriously? Wiki? Yes. As an aside: DO NOT TRUST WIKIPEDIA!!!!!!! -end rant) and he therefore felt like since he had read it on the Internet, it was gospel and he was right. Now, I could get into the whole fact that he's a man and men always think they're right...but I'm not going to go that route. Why? Because its not just men who are the offenders, women do it too!

Much like Jen talks about in this video, I get rather offended as well when someone decides to take it upon themselves to "educate" me on how "wrong" I am about everything I am doing when it comes to my weight loss routine, exercise regimen, or foods of choice. This is not to say that I'm not open to suggestions. Friendly suggestions here and there are wonderful tools and have helped me to learn so much thus far, however, its all about your approach. If you are an adult and you haven't learned how to speak to people yet, then I feel sorry for you. It should be pretty common knowledge (at least it is to me) that if you come from a place that's "High and Mighty" and you verbally wag your finger at others for the things they do or the things they put in their mouths, then those people are not going to be so open and receiving of your so-called "helpful advice". Rather, try your best to come from an actual helpful place.

Here's the basis of my rant: Every one's body is different. Our bodies are shaped differently, look differently, carry weight differently, respond differently, and work differently. Therefore it is simply IDIOTIC to assume that what works for ONE person will work for EVERYONE. That's simply NOT TRUE! I try to stress to everyone that watches my daily vlogs that they should try many different paths before choosing one, basically they should find what works for them. Don't assume that you can do everything I have done in the past, or do everything I'm doing now and have the same results as I am having. It just won't happen! What works for me, may not work for you. Secondly, do you see me telling people what they should or should not be eating? Nope. NOT ONCE have I ever said to someone, "Ya know, you really shouldn't eat that." And why is that? Because that type of interjection is not helpful. Even if you're truly trying to be helpful, you will most likely come off the exact opposite.

So, here's my advice on giving advice: DON'T! (lol I know, easier said than done). What I mean is that we should do our own thing and let the cards fall where they may. Should someone come to you and ASK YOU what you are doing, or ASK YOU for advice on their meal-plan or exercise plan, then that's different. And on this side of the spectrum I have to say this, don't ask ANYONE for advice unless you're willing to hear that you may be wrong. You cannot ASK for advice and then get angry when it is given, well...I suppose you could, but that's just childish.

Does any of this make sense? I just feel like its happening more and more that certain people think they know EVERYTHING and they're more than willing to shove that "knowledge" onto others. Just like Jen said in her video, "I did not lose 45lbs so far by doing it 'wrong'..." I cannot tell you how many times I've said the same thing in my head. I'm not damn near 100lbs lighter because I'm doing it all wrong. So lay off.

In conclusion, I'm brought back to the title of this entry:
"You Do You...I'll Do Me..."

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  1. Great blog post as we expect from you. Now, let me school you on the RIGHT way to write a blog! lol!! (I saw it in Wikipedia)

    I feel like more and more people are not educated on manners. I didn't used to think that I was mannerly either, but I've come to find myself to be in a position of being the most polite person I know most of the time. These days it seems everyone feels obliged to foist their opinions on you, not just about health but religion and politics, two topics that people used to be told, as children, to never mention around those whom you're not familiar. I guess these lessons are no longer taught in today's world.

    It's especially bad with engineers Julie. You'd best steer clear of them! Straight from a Dilbert cartoon, their motto is "every conversation is a competition in which I MUST win". What's curious about this situation is that sometimes you can literally make these people argue themselves into a contradiction. I've successfully steered chains of emails in which the person continually tells me everything I say is wrong, so I just gradually guide it back around to his initial statement, which he then is compelled to also say is wrong so as not to "agree" with me!! I don't even point out their contradiction.

    But then, you're studying law...if you become a lawyer, this is precisely the skill you'll likely need!

    I think many of these people, the know-it-alls and the one-uppers, are socially-challenged and, as I said, just ignorant of manners. Others are, sadly, just jerks! What can you do?

    Jonesee is another in a long line of interesting and obviously very intelligent vloggers, such as yourself, and even though I don't do running I do enjoy listening to her stories and information. I really strive to be compelling in what I do too, because it's fun and frankly even useful to myself to look back at.