Thursday, April 26, 2012

Check This Out!!!!

Hey everyone! Yes, its been a week or so since I updated. I swear I can't wait for school to be done for me in another week and I'll have SO MUCH MORE TIME available to dedicate both to keeping this blog updated and being better with regular videos for my Youtube Channel. Anyways, I thought I would keep this entry pretty short as I don't have a lot of news to share or any particular important thoughts at the moment.  So, here it goes:

I am currently 13wks along. I can't believe it, but in less than another week I will be in the second trimester already! I was reading and it said that technically the second trimester starts at week 14! I didn't realize that. (Remember...its been 2.5 years, almost 3 years, since I've even thought about weeks and trimesters and so on). So, I started to think....what did I look like when I was pregnant the first time at this point? Luckily, I had a picture of me at exactly 13wks during my pregnancy with Jeremiah and I just took a photo the other day of my at exactly 13wks with THIS pregnancy. So, here's a nice little side-by-side comparison for you.

So there it is! Just as the caption on the photo instructs you, do you see a difference? Well, maybe its just me, but I sure do! I see a much more protruding stomach THEN rather than NOW. And just for clarification, the picture of me in the pink is NOW, the one next to it is THEN. (lol) So after seeing this picture, I felt much more reassured that I'm doing pretty well with weight gain for now. Then I thought...well how different do I look NOW as compared to the beginning of this pregnancy at 8wks? So, here's a comparison of that!

Now, I am VERY ENCOURAGED by THIS picture. I mean, I do notice slight differences.  Namely, my tummy is sticking out just a bit more, but that is to be expected because the baby has now moved from my pelvis area to my stomach it sticks out a bit more. But I feel like everything else has stayed pretty much the same (maybe my booty is getting a bit rounder though....uh oh! lol)

Anyways, thats what I wanted to share with you all today.  I'm really feeling pretty good about how I'm doing with the pregnancy thus far. I mean, I don't work out nearly as much or as hard as I used to...but the point is, I'm still working out and trying to be as active as possible when I'm feeling up to the task.  And even though I've had some junk food cravings that I gave into...I seem to be doing well with weight gain. Plus, it helps that the junk food cravings are pretty much over and I'm more or less back to my normal healthy eating...with the occasional treat here or there. But I think thats okay. ;)

So, maybe this wasn't as short as I set out for it to be originally, but thank you for reading!


  1. Yup, you can till a big difference in the pictures. Congrats on your dieting and exercising during the pregnancy knowing the true facts of pregnancy and not just eating everything and blaming pregnancy. :D do you know if you are having a girl or boy yet?

    1. Thank you! No, we don't know yet. I'll be 14wks this Wednesday and you can't tell by regular ultrasound until 20wks. But no worries, as soon as we know what we're having I will definitely make an announcement.