Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spinning; A History.....

Have I mentioned my love affair with Spinning yet? No? Allow me to enlighten you all.

It all started in New Jersey.  I used to live there.  In fact, my first son (Jeremiah) was actually born in New Jersey.  Although I really didn't care too much for Jersey in general, it will always hold a special place in my heart because of the great things I accomplished while I lived there.  I had my first child, I finished my Associates Degree, AND I lost over 90lbs.

Many of you have been following me (and this blog) since I first started to focus on health, fitness and weight loss after I had Jeremiah.  As such, many of you know that I was big into running and gym life in general.  Although, I'm not sure I have talked at length about my Spinning obsession.  Like I said, it all began in New Jersey.  I switched to a very nice, big gym called Tilton Fitness ( I was previously attending a facility called 'Island Gym' where I was pretty much reduced to tears of shame by a trainer on the day I first signed up, so I was very happy to find a bigger, MUCH better gym where the people were much nicer).  Anyway, my husband's co-worker's wife realized that we both attended this same gym and asked if I had ever tried Spin before. Now, at this time, I had walked past the Spin classroom many times while a class was in session and I will admit, my first thought was, "Wow. Those people are NUTS!" After receiving this invitation to try a Spin class with a friendly face, someone I knew, I thought... 'okay, what the heck? Why not give it a shot?' So I went.

At first, my butt hurt REALLY bad.  I like to call this "Spinner's Butt".  Its because your booty is not particularly used to the seat of the bike (and it may not be very muscular) and after the class is over, you kind of feel like you're bruised in the crotch/butt area.  Kind of like someone was just punching you repeatedly down there.  BUT, what I loved was the atmosphere in that room.  AND I really liked the instructor.  I remember when the class first started, she was so peppy and upbeat and all, "Yeah! Lets get ready to work!" and I remember thinking, 'is this lady on crack?!!!?!?!?!' But she was really great! I think she kind of specialized in teaching beginners and man, she was good at getting you hooked.  After that first class, I became addicted.

I started attending Spin classes three days a week.  I remember the schedule was Mondays and Wednesdays at noon (sometimes I would come back in the evenings for a night class too), and then on Fridays I came to the evening class after dinner.  I continued to attend Spin classes on a regular basis like that for well over a year.  I even watched a couple regular Spin Class attendees become certified and then THEY taught classes, and that was really cool to see. I even continued to spin there at Tilton Fitness up until I was about 4 months pregnant with Jonah!(My second beautiful boy) Then we moved, so I was no longer able to continue, but if we hadn't moved, I would still be there to this day, spinning my legs to my heart's content.

So I tell you all of this history so that you can understand where this 'New Life Goal' of mine is coming from.  I have decided that once I get within 20lbs of my goal weight, I will start the process of becoming a certified Spin Instructor.  Another aspect of that goal is to get hired as an instructor somewhere.  I don't care if its just teaching one class a week, thats good enough for me.

I think its so important to have goals in life.  Whether they're fitness related or not, it doesn't matter.  I believe we become better people when we're working towards something we are really passionate about or interested in.  If we all just lived our lives without ever creating and reaching goals, wouldn't that be a pretty boring life? Why not challenge yourself? Why not prove to yourself (as well as others) that you CAN do whatever you put your mind to? I know it sounds totally cliche, but, in the words of ShayCarl (Google him if you don't know who that is) "The secrets to life are hidden behind the word, 'cliche'. "

Until next time, kiddos. ;)

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