Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Sick Pass"

Tomorrow is supposed to be my "Weigh In Day" on my YT channel. I usually make a video about my weigh in and how much I've lost for the week...but this week, it will not be happening. I'm invoking my right to a "Sick Pass". I have been battling this stinking head cold for days now. Rather than continuing to go to the gym and push myself when I know I'm sick, I've decided to allow myself to take a few days off and focus on my Vitamin-C intake and getting better. Working out hard core when you're sick is not such a great idea. So, this is me saying...I'll be week. :( I'm still going to be eating healthy and counting my calories...but there will be a significant lack of physical activity due to me trying to get more rest. I hope everyone understands! See ya next week!

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