Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspired (4/30)

So, I posted this on my Facebook page earlier today...but something really inspired me today.

I was at the gym this morning - as usual - and I saw this man whom I've actually seen many times, but today I had the pleasure of working out next to him on a machine.  This man is probably 60yrs old at the least and....he's blind.

Now, I've seen him before. He has this little headset that he wears when he's on a machine and it hooks up to what looks like an old school cassette player, but I'm guessing its a machine that hooks up to the workout machine that he's on and it tells him in audio how fast he's going or how long he's been working out for, or something like that.  He also has his little walking stick and he uses it by placing it against a machine to feel if there is any vibration, if there is then he knows someone is using that machine, if there is no vibration, then he knows its free for him to use. I mean, I have really watching this man and...I'm amazed.  I'm inspired. I'm just totally humbled.

Here we are - and I use the term "we" as a general term - anyway, here we are everyday coming up with every excuse under the sun as to why we can't find the time and/or ability to get up and get some exercise...and then...there's this blind man who can not only find the time to go, but does so every.single.day. I mean, if THAT doesn't wake you up, then what the f*ck will????

I have decided that whenever I feel like just skipping the gym because I'm being lazy and whiny and I just 'don't feel like it', I'm going to remind myself of this man. I'm going to sit here and think about how difficult it must be for him to get up and get out there everyday, yet...he does it!

So, yeah.  Put that in your proverbial pipe and smoke it. If a 60yr old BLIND MAN can get out of the house once a day to workout, then YOU can surely make time for a 30minute walk around your neighborhood.


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