Saturday, February 9, 2013

Unintended Rest Day (2/30)

Okay, Day 2 out of 30.  Off to an okay start, I suppose. Lets not jinx it.

Well, I started out the day today with the full intentions of working out TWICE. I was planning a 1.5gym session this morning with the boys in the daycare area. Then I was planning either a long walk or a quick run after dinner time. Well.....THAT didn't happen. We had an impromptu visit from my inlaws and it was a great day! I just didn't get ANY physical activity in (well, other than cleaning the house and picking up after Jeremiah).  I feel kind of crummy about this.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm starting to feel like nothing is happening with my weight loss. I keep struggling with the scale going up and down the same 3-4lbs and its really getting annoying. I have had many suggestions to keep track of my measurements along with weigh ins on the scale and I think I'm going to start doing this. Along with, PICTURES. Maybe this will help me stay motivated. Now don't get too excited. I won't be sharing any of these pictures just yet.  For right now, I would like to keep them for my personal motivation, and once I see a noticeable difference, I may post one or two here on the blog. 

The thing is - if I'm being perfectly honest- I'm still not giving my weight loss endeavors 100% of my effort. I think back and remember (and watch my old Youtube videos) of how I used to be, and DAMN! I was one focused woman! I know that I am still capable of being that focused and on track, I'm just a little bit more busy than I thought I would be. I don't think I fully realized how busy you are when you have a toddler and a new baby.  And let me be clear here, I'm NOT making any excuses for myself. In fact, I'm doing the exact opposite. I've always believed that the key to success - no matter what your situation is- is to realize your limitations and deal with them head on. Thats how anyone becomes great in this world, in my opinion. You have to realize what you can and can't do, then run with it. For example, I cannot dedicate 4-5hrs a day to working out. It just doesn't fit into my schedule.  But I CAN fit in 1-2 hours a day and whats more, I CAN counteract inactivity with extremely healthy eating.  The fact of the matter is - again, if I', being completely honest here- I'm not doing these things. I mean, I have the activity down - sort of - but I'm not being the healthiest I can be with my eating.  For the most part, I stick to my daily amount of allotted calories, but there are a few days that I don't and its those one or two days a week that can completely ruin your entire week of healthy intentions.  This is what I need to work on.

Everyone has to have a moment like. I like to call it my, "Cut The Bullsh*t" moment. There comes a time in everyone's life where you just have to be real with yourself. Why am I not losing the weight I want to be losing? Because I'm not giving it my all, thats why. Bottom line is, you can work out 5 hours a day but if you go home and eat a whole pizza and follow it with a pint of Ben&Jerry's (insert your favorite flavor here) then all that work ends up being for nothing. Now, I'm not doing THAT bad with eating. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I even had frozen yogurt, and pizza? Forget about it. But there are still those moments of overeating and eating out of boredom or emotional eating, and that has to stop altogether if I really want to get anywhere.

So, there you have it. There's my late night confession, I suppose. 

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