Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day One

Okay, so if you follow my Youtube channel then you would probably be pretty confused by the title of this post. You would probably be saying, "But Jules, I thought January 1st was day one???" Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay so you caught me on a technicality. However, in the words of Ricki Ricardo, "I've got some s'plainin' to dooooo...."

Ever since the new year (meaning Jan.1st) I have actively been doing healthier things that will help me get to my ultimate weight goal. HOWEVER, I was pretty much doing them half heartedly. I was probably putting in about 40% effort when I really should have been putting in 110%. So, TODAY marks the FIRST day of putting in 110% effort and jumping into this last leg of weight loss without ever looking back.

Wanna hear my plan?

School starts next week so I'm starting to put my new schedule into play right now. My classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Rob works nights (for now anyways) so I'm going to take advantage of his ability to wake up with the baby and take care of the "morning babysitting duties". My new schedule is this: wake up at 6am and immediately head to the gym. Since I will not have any real time constraints, I will work out until I just can't go anymore (within reason of course. So, for like 2 hours or so). Then its time to shower and head on home. On the nights that I have class, I'm planning on going to the gym after class gets out. Therefore, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights will become "two-a-day" workouts. Hey, if you have a goal like mine to reach (45 lbs) you have to put in a TREMENDOUS amount of effort.

As far as dieting goes, I'm sticking to my "healthy foods" regimen. Which basically means, I eat a lot of salad and lean protein meats like tuna or grilled chicken with nothing added. I also enjoy lots of fresh fruits, and of course: WATER WATER WATER. I like to stick to a 1230 calorie a day diet considering the fact that I'm house-bound for most of the day with only 2 to 3 hours of heavy physical activity.


I have awaken this morning with a new found motivation and optimism for things to come. What are those wonderful things to come? Well: being able to buy a pair of pants that are a one digit size, finally purchasing an outfit or shirt that I think is completely cute and finding out that it fits perfectly, running a 5k in my own personal record time, getting to a level of personal fitness that I never thought would be possible for me, and finally, blowing everyone away when I wear my very first two piece swimsuit this summer.

After watching my best friend bronwyn's latest Youtube video, I came up with a reward for myself for when I reach my goal weight. I'm going to go out and buy the cutest little two piece swimsuit, and I'm going to make a Youtube video showing everyone in the YT WLC (Youtube Weight Loss Community) how far I've come. Normally, I'm not keen on showing my body on camera, but seeing as how there are so many wonderful and supportive people who have now become what I call friends, watching my videos and looking to me for encouragement and motivation, I figure, why not show them what hard work and determination can get you? Do I expect to look "Perfect"? Absolutely not. Do I expect to be PROUD of my results? YOU BETCHA!

It will happen folks. Be ready for that video. A mere 6 months and 3 weeks from now.

So, happy Wednesday to you all. This week is officially almost over. My weigh in day is tomorrow on Youtube. I'm hoping to kick some serious booty at the gym this afternoon and therefore rock that number on the scale in the morning.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, and Be Beautiful.

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