Friday, January 28, 2011

Stopping the Downward Spiral.....

Today is one of those days........

My son, is no happy camper. Every so often kids have days where they just wake up on the wrong side of the crib, and today was his day. Oh boy. I have had a whiny, cranky little trouble-maker on my hands this morning and I just didn't feel it would be right to bring him to the Daycare at the gym (like I do every other morning) because those girls have enough kids to worry about; the last thing they need is my cranky little son, crying his head off for 2 hours. As a result of the previous decision, I was not able to complete my usual, daily routine.

Normally, I'm up as soon as my husband leaves for work (around 6:30am). I put dishes away, fold laundry, catch up on some current events, finish up some reading or homework for school, and by about 9am, my son is up and ready to go for the day. I get him up, make him breakfast, tinker around on the computer (Youtube, Facebook, Email, etc.), and then I get us both ready and we're out the door to the gym by about 10:30am.

BUT, none of that went the right way today. By a screwy chain of events, I've been up since about 5am and nothing has gone the way it normally does. Its not a bad day per say, but its definitely NOT the normal, functional, productive day it usually is.

On days like this in the past, I would ultimately become very lazy and I would think, " well my whole day is already screwed up, so why not just eat whatever the hell I want? Why not just skip the gym altogether? who cares!?!?!?" This is where my NEW AND IMPROVED way of thinking comes in....

Just because your day doesn't start out the way you wanted, or things aren't going the way you had hoped they would, does NOT mean you should allow your ENTIRE DAY to become a complete failure. You can have a horrible day and still turn it around before the day is done. Don't believe me? TRY IT! Put my idea to the test. Your day is what you make it! Make it a good day, make it a productive day (as much as possible). Don't accept life's situations and circumstances as an excuse or reason to just give up or be unhappy.

My husband has this saying that used to drive me up the wall, but now I'm starting to really understand what he's saying and what it means. His saying is very simple: "Happiness is a choice." That's it. Simple, right? Happiness IS a choice! So everyday you get up, make the CHOICE to be happy! CHOOSE to make the most out of the day. CHOOSE to not accept defeat. CHOOSE to DO!

That's what I'm doing. I couldn't go to the gym this morning. That's the situation, and how am I handling it? I had my normal healthy breakfast, and a wonderful, filling, yet healthy lunch. I plan on going to the gym this afternoon (4pm or so) and when I get home, I'll be enjoying a wonderfully healthy dinner as well. How's that for not accepting defeat? My morning was (in a way) stolen from me, but not my determination. We should all be DETERMINED enough to do what it is we want to do or need to do, each and every day.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try..."

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  1. It is only recently that I have learned the wisdom behind my Dad's comment, "People are poor because they're poor!" For years, I thought that he was talking about money - but NO! He was talking about the poor in Spirit and the poor at Heart. Your husband is right! We can choose happiness over unhappiness! Also, we can choose to uplift ourselves and others, rather than chosing to spiral ourselves or others downward. We can choose to work within the confines of God's universe, rather than just within our personal universes! When we choose happy, uplifting, and God centered lives, we will find the peace that passeth all understanding - which God intended for us! "As I grow older, my Dad is getting smarter!" :-)