Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I shall not be moved....

It has recently been made abundantly clear to me that some people are becoming rather annoyed with my semi-daily updates on Facebook about how many miles I've completed that day, or my new 5k time improvements, etc. And these people have been making snide comments and status' of their own that basically say 'shut up. we don't care.'

If they don't care....then why are they reading????

At first, I get very angry with these comments and snide remarks. I start to feel my blood pressure rising, my heart rate increasing. I want to punch the computer screen. I'm sorry, excuse me for being enthusiastic. Please excuse my annoying, and apparently meaningless, habit of setting goals and REACHING THEM. I'm so sorry for being PROUD of myself for how far I've come with my weight loss and physical fitness. You're completely right...I really need to "get over" that pesky idea of positivity, determination, and motivation....how silly of me. Its even been ambiguously stated that my constant updates about my weight loss and fitness goals are a ply for "constant attention, seeking praise, receiving recognition as an ego boost".


In this life I have learned (so far) that adversity will inevitably follow any real and wonderful success you may have. For me, there are (obviously) people out there who resent the fact that I have lost weight, become fit, have a positive outlook on life, and that I want to share that positivity with others so that they too, may become inspired and/or motivated to do the same! Where does this resentment come from? I've asked myself this repeatedly. What can I do to get it across to them? Its not about recognition, its not about boosting my ego, its not about getting constant praise. Its about bettering myself, its about prolonging my life, its about ENJOYING life by being fit and healthy and happy. Its about the pure happiness and content I experience when I help a fellow Youtube weight loss vlogger. When I hear from one of my many YT friends that a comment I left or something I may have said in this blog inspired them or pulled them out of the negative slump they were in, its a high that's better than any drug out there. I HELPED SOMEONE OUT THERE! Its a feeling I wish each and every one of you can experience.

I'm sure that many of you who are also on this journey of weight loss and personal fitness have experienced this adversity (and if you haven't....you probably will at some point). There is always going to be someone who wants to 'rain on your parade'. Always. However, like many things in life, its important how you handle that adversity. Don't let them win. Don't let them think that their words hold any weight with you. Simply shrug your shoulders, move on, and forget about them. You are better than that. You are loved by many others who support you and your quest for health. Those who want to be snide, rude, or degrading will not go far in life. Life is all about your attitude and how you handle difficult situations. When you have a poor and negative attitude like theirs, its no wonder that you don't accomplish anything of real meaning or purpose.

"People like that are just road bumps. Just run them over and leave them in the rear view"
- Andrew from the YT WLC


  1. Why, Why, Why would anyone want to hurt you or your spirit?? And who are these "friends" I too feel like punching the computer! I for one LOVE seeing your Facebook posts about how far you ran or in what time! I keeps me motivated and focused know that there are others out there striving for the best, just like me!! Your daily posts about your struggles and achievements just show me that I am not alone, and even though we live different lives on different sides of the US, we still have one common goal, To BETTER ourselves and be the best parent, wife, friend that we can. I for one LOVE you for that - Don't you EVER let them MOVE you!!! <3 <3 <3 you :)

  2. Wow! Rude much?! I am so shocked to read this. That person is so not cool. I'm very sorry to hear that you are experiencing this right now. Who is it? I'll beat 'em up for you. Hang in there and just keep doing what you're doing. They can go kick rocks in my opinion! I just added you as a friend on facebook so that I can SEE and comment on all your great work. Keep it up hunny!!!

  3. Some people have such a low opinion of themselves that they have the need to run down others in order to elevate their self-worth. Anyone who does this is a loser, knows that they are a loser, and lives in their world of negative thought with no personal hope in sight. They destroy those who are vulnerable, and they're threatened by those who choose not to live in their pitiful state. They are poor in spirit because they are poor at heart. Always rise above their meaningless lives!