Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update & "Heavy" Review...

Today is a bit of a weird day for me. Its rainy, foggy and gloomy outside. When it gets like this, I tend to become a shut-in and camp out on my sofa. I also tend to be a little 'moody' or 'crabby' or just 'UN-motivated' in general. I woke up this morning at 6am, went to the bathroom, took a look out the window and saw all the gloom and rain. I immediately said, 'I'm not going out in this. I'm going back to bed.' And I did just that. When 9am rolled around, I got up with my son and my husband, got dressed, and made my way out to the gym. Let me tell you, I did NOT want to go this morning. I've found that just getting to the gym is the hardest thing, because once I get there I'm motivated and I refuse to waste my gym time by not pushing myself to my limits. So, once I got there this morning I had a wonderful run, and killed it on the elliptical. It felt good to work up an awesome sweat and start the day off in the right way. I always feel productive when I get out of the gym.

One of my favorite things about the gym I go to is this sign they have in the parking lot. Its facing the inside of the parking lot, so you can only read the sign as you're pulling out of the gym and leaving. The sign says, "YOU DID IT! Now enjoy your day!" I freaking LOVE that sign. Every time I creep up to the exit of the parking lot, I see that sign and I sigh a long sigh of relief/accomplishment...I DID DO IT!!!!! Its truly a wonderful feeling.

In other news, I have a bit of a Television Review for those of you who are interested. See, I have this weird new obsession with watching any TV show, movie, documentary that has to do with weight loss or food issues. I also jump up and grab any newspaper or magazine that has an interesting article about weight loss or food or health. I think its because I'm right in the middle of the most difficult part of my weight loss journey, that I'm desperate to learn more and become more involved with others that I might be able to help. (Maybe I should be a trainer??? lol hahahaha NOT!) Back to the point: There's a new show on the A&E Channel called, "Heavy". This show is mainly about people who are dangerously obese, and it chronicles their lives as they go through this program which teaches them how they should be eating and helps them create a habit of exercise and healthy living. Just as an aside: I feel there are far too many shows on TV that give people the impression that losing weight is simple. They do this by showing you how big or unhealthy the person is in the beginning, they show you only small glimpses of that person working out and changing their diet, then it cuts to how great they look after they lost all the weight. They show no real struggle! And we all know that weight loss is a continued, repeated, relentless struggle. Well, this show, "Heavy" does an AMAZING job of showing just how difficult it is for the people involved, both mentally and physically. You really begin to feel a connection with these people on the screen, and you share in their emotions both when they fail and when they succeed. And my favorite part? Each episode ends with a realistic final look at the weight that these people have lost. You see their success, absolutely! But, its not like those other shows that give you a picture of the person with ALL the excess weight magically gone. No, instead they do a comparative measurement and show you the inches lost, and a comparative weigh in to show how many pounds lost. As the viewer, you can see they still have a ways to go, but because of this show's realistic nature, it makes weight loss seem like such an attainable thing for anyone else out there.

I guess I enjoy the show because it shows you the struggle that these people have to go through. And seeing them struggle but still pull through, its something that speaks to you and makes you realize that if they can do it, then so can all of us. So, I give the show two thumbs up and if any of you are interested in watching, I believe it is on every Monday at 10pm on the A&E Channel. I recommend you watch at least one episode. If you don't feel motivated after the episode is over, then I don't know what to tell ya. After I saw that episode last night, I had this powerful voice in my head telling me to get up in the morning and work out....hard.

Consider this: When it comes to weight loss, healthy eating and exercise WORKS IF YOU WORK IT!

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