Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coffee with a side of Thoughts....

Yes, I know its a little late to be posting my "Morning Pondering" but I was pretty busy today. After getting up and going to the gym, I headed to my local Home Depot and rented one of those heavy duty carpet cleaners with the industrial strength cleaning solution. Yes, having a young child with clumsy hands and a dog who has accidents from time to time, my carpet can get pretty stained. We have a scrub brush and regular cleaner, but we don't have our own steam vac, and we feel its easier to rent the professional cleaner because it does a better job and lasts a lot longer. Needless to say, I am POOPED! I have been going going going all day! And its not over with yet! I still have laundry to do, a son to feed and give a bath and I still need to take a long hot shower to relax before attempting to sleep tonight. Oh yes, this is the busy, busy life I lead...but I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, after that looooong digression up there, I figure I should get to the point of this post:"Being at the right place at the right time." I mean this in reference to weight loss.

How many of you out there have tried to lose weight and given up; tried again, then gave up; tried and tried and tried and gave up each time, over and over and over again? Raise your hand. My guess is that everyone reading this is raising their hand (including me!). We have to sit back and think, why does it just not work? Why is it that I tried so hard to lose weight during High School but it just never worked? Why is it that all of a sudden, I'm losing weight and becoming fit like a champ? The answer is very simple: Its because I'm at the right place in my life, at the right time. This is not always the case when we decide to lose weight. Sometimes we may be at a point in our lives when everything is changing, including ourselves. We're growing up, we're learning what we do and don't want in life, we're trying to experience new things, we're trying to just LIVE LIFE! So, how can weight loss fit into that equation? The simple fact of the matter (in my opinion) is that it can't.

I have met many people, complete strangers, on this journey of mine through the YouTube community and many of them have proven the opinion I just shared, to be true. Many of the people I have met have told me about their countless attempts of trying Weight Watchers time and time again in the past, but with no success and then suddenly, this last time, IT WORKED! I asked them what was different, and the answer was always the same: "I was ready. I was able to dedicate my time to it. I was at a point where weight loss could be #1, instead of sitting on the back burner."

Am I saying that we should not even attempt to lose weight in the first place? No. I'm not saying that at all! My point is this: we should not get too discouraged or feel like too much of a failure when we're attempting to lose weight and it doesn't work. Its the times that we fall down that we learn! The truth is, we can never succeed in weight loss unless we struggle at some point. Remember, "The virtue lies within the struggle, not the prize".

Think of everything in life that you've ever had to work for. Think about how great it felt when you finally accomplished what you were working so hard for. Now, would that certain 'something' have meant as much to you if it were just handed to you? No. Of course it wouldn't. And why? Because you just expected it, and it was there. For those of us who have committed ourselves to this journey, WE are the ones who will know what TRUE happiness is. WE will be the ones to experience SELF RESPECT in its most purest and bountiful form. Why? Because we know what its like to be truly unhappy. We know what its like to have to work and sweat and cry and fight for what we KNOW we want and deserve.

If there's anyone reading this, who feels like you just need to take a break from all this dieting and exercise and calorie counting....then my advice is, DO IT! Take a break. Take a HIATUS if you have to. Its YOUR journey and its YOUR life, you can do it however you want! But remember this, Don't EVER give up. If you take a break, make sure its not permanent. Being healthy is our ultimate goal, and as such, we should never give up the fight.

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