Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early Tuesday Morning...

Good morning Tuesday, and Good Morning 8am...I haven't seen you in a few days! I got up earlier than I normally have been because I'm trying to hit this 9:15am class at the gym, its called "Body Pump' and its supposed to really kick your a**. I'm hoping it will do just that. And just in case that class isn't enough...I have another class right after it at 10:15am called, 'Cardio Funk'. I've taken the Cardio Funk class before and I really liked it. I like the instructor, she's this funky, peppy, ball of energy who screams at you to keep going. At 9am, thats just the kind of enthusiasm I need.

So, I broke my cardinal rule this morning. I don't know what possessed me but....I stepped on the scale. I'm not even going to venture to tell you what number popped up. Lets just say, from the lack of activity over this past weekend and the Baby Shower food on Sunday...yeah, I've gained a bit since my last weigh in. I hate it when that happens. And this is EXACTLY why I don't use the scale except once a week. When I start to weigh in everyday, I start to get obsessed with the number...and thats not what its about. I should be obsessed with just eating right and staying active...not some silly number on the scale. That number doesn't define me. I have to keep telling myself that over and over again.

This is exactly why the 'mental process' of losing weight is so important. I don't think that people realize that even someone like myself, who has had 80+lbs of success in weight loss, still struggles with my mental state and the way I think about things. Sure, I might be closer to my goal than others who are just starting out, but that doesn't mean that its any easier....not at all. In fact, I think the closer you get to goal the harder it gets all around. Of course the last 20 or so pounds are way harder to get off than the initial weight is, and of course you're going to struggle even more with temptation because you can see your progress in the mirror. You stand there and you think, 'oh! well, look at how great I look! I can afford that Chinese take-out. I can have a couple of pieces of pizza. That cake? Oh yeah, I can have a slice.' When the real fact is, no you can't and no you shouldn't be having ANY of those things....at least not one right after the other.

I know its been said before, but I just wish that all the food that was bad for you and makes you gain weight, tasted horrible. Wouldn't that make it so much more easier to deny it? Alas, this is the never ending battle of weight loss. Saying no to the foods we love, and saying yes to health and fitness. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end. Just keep going. Don't give in to those bad foods. Stay the course. Eat the lettuce (haha) and be happy. Well, I'm trying.

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  1. girl I am addicted to Body Pump- I go 2-3 times a week and other than that I walk my big dog everyday as fast a we can go! for 30 60 mins.( I have lost 120 lbs from RNY and am maintaining )
    enjoy BP!