Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trying something different....

I decided I need to start trying something different when it comes to my workouts. But, I'm not sure if I like it or not...hmmm. Here's the deal: I decided to start taking more of the free classes at the gym. I try and hit one each morning (if time allows and the baby wakes up on time). But, I feel like I'm not getting a good enough calorie burn out of it. I leave these classes, after putting in 110% effort, and I don't feel like I've really worked out hard enough. Does that seem weird? And I only have 2 hours of daycare available to me in the mornings, so when the class is over (if it was an hour long class) it doesn't leave me very much time to do anything else; like the treadmill or elliptical or something to get a good calorie burn in. Then what happens is I end up going AGAIN at night and it turns into a "two-a-day" situation. I'm sure if I like this or not. But then again, these classes are incorporating much more strength training which is what I now need to focus on.

Its a well known fact that if you stick to only cardio, cardio, cardio, you will eventually hit a weight loss plateau and won't lose any more weight. You need to incorporate strength training with your cardio in order to break that plateau....and my friends, I am most definitely arriving at that plateau. I've been playing around with the 180's for months and I just recently broke the 170's barrier.....I can only imagine how long it will take me to break out of the 170's if I don't start switching up my workouts.

In another area of news, I have also decided to make mini-monthly goals for myself when it comes to losing pounds. I'm saying that I would like to lose anywhere from 8-10 pounds a month...which is not only do-able, but its also the healthy way to lose weight. We all know that doctors say healthy weight loss that is sustainable is a loss of 1.8 to 2lbs per week. So, thats my new goal. I'm not about to quit or get pissed off if I don't meet that monthly goal, but its simply what I'm shooting for.

Its bright and sunny outside,but still a little chilly. I just wish the weather would get warmer already. I really want to start early morning runs outside in my neighborhood. I think running outside every morning to start my day will be a wonderful addition to my workouts. I feel like the weather outside is starting to affect my moods. Its been so cold and gray and gloomy out that I feel like a depressed blob that just wants to sit inside, under a blanket and sip hot tea all day. When it gets brighter, sunnier, warmer and friendlier outside I'll be an entirely different person! Isn't it weird how weather can make you feel so differently?

As a slight aside, my 3 year wedding anniversary is this Saturday! I don't think we're doing anything special...which is a good thing! I don't want to be tempted by going out to a fancy restaurant and eating really bad foods. But.....we'll see! ;)

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