Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whiney McWhinerson!

What was my problem today at the gym? I was a whiney, crabby mess! I HATE THAT! Let me explain: okay, I'm apart of this small group physical training class at my gym. We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For 30 minutes we do whatever we want for cardio to get our heart rates up, then for the next 30 minutes our trainer (I like to call her 'smalls') literally abuses the hell out of us with different strength training, plyometrics and calisthetic can be brutal. Well, normally I love it. I mean, it sucks while we're doing the work out, but I shut up and put up and do what Smalls tells me to do! But today...oh was a different story. I actually said the phrase, "BUT I CAN'T!..." about 3 times, which was swiftly rewarded by Smalls making me do 25 jumping jacks each time. Ugh, it was horrible. I don't know whats going on lately...but something is off.

My mental state and positiveness are spot on. I couldn't be more determined, focused and motivated...but, I just feel crabby and grumpy in general. I can't put my finger on it! I laugh about it now because it seems so ridiculous to me! Everything is my life is going wonderful. Great family, great grades, losing weight, feeling where is this PoopTastic attitude coming from???? Its beyhond me.

Well, the only thing I can think of is that my sleeping pattern has been slightly altered. I try to go to bed every night by 10:30 ot 11pm...never later than midnight for sure. But for some reason, I wake up at 4 or 5 am and I'm wide awake....can't sleep anymore! ITS CRAZY! So then I lay there trying to force myself back to sleep, only to hear my husband's alarm clock go off at about 5:45am. Then somehow, I end up falling back asleep while he's getting dressed for work, and I don't get back up until about 8am. I used to go to bed and start my day at 6:30am...but for some reason, its just not happening. So, I'm thinking its a lack of adequate sleep thats getting to me. I'm working on it....but we'll see how it goes.

Other than that....there's nothing new to report. Tomorrow is another official "Weigh In Day" for me on my Youtube Channel! I'm pretty excited...I'm not sure if I lost or not, but I definitely FEEL we'll see what the scale says in the morning! STAY TUNED!!!

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