Monday, March 7, 2011

Yep, there you have it. Thats me up there, about two glasses in to a bottle of wine. That was on Saturday night. See, Saturday was my 3yr anniversary, and man did I feel like to say I OVER celebrated. I drank that ENTIRE bottle of wine to myself....yeah, not such a great idea. But I did, and the next day (Sunday) was pretty rough to say the least. I guess you could say that I was swiftly reminded of why it is that I choose not to drink anymore. I'm not against it, I just am not a big fan of hangovers, cotton-mouth, headaches and nausea! Suffice to say, I will NOT be drinking again anytime soon.

And those are my new running shoes. They were my anniversary gift to myself. I've been having some foot pain issues and I think I finally realized what the problem was. My old shoes were too small! I heard within the WLC that when you buy shoes specifically for running, you need to buy them one size bigger than your actual shoe size because when you run, you feet swell! I HAD NO IDEA! So, after I learned that neat little tidbit of information, I realized I needed to go out and get a new pair of shoes. I ran 2.5 miles today in these new shoes and it felt like heaven! I felt like I was running on a cloud, and it was glorious! I'm so glad I got these!

And there I am earlier today after getting ready for the gym. I was so excited to get out there in my new shoes and hit the gym hard. And I did just that! I successfully burned over 1,000 calories during my workout! PRETTY AWESOME!!!!!

And then I came home to a HUGE bowl of fruit and some yogurt to re-fuel. All in all, I had a great day today! My weekend was pretty good too, other than that drinking I did on Saturday night. Yuck. Oh well. Lesson learned I guess. If I do drink again, I'll be sure to drink much less and keep it to one or two glasses at the most. Jeesh! lol

So thats my update! I know I missed a few days, but I got a little side tracks with preparing for midterms before our break, and then in the middle of all that celebrating our anniversary. But thanks for sticking with me! I'll be sure to update much more often from here on out!

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