Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yes, I said it....SWEETS! Let me tell you what I classify as "Sweets". Brownies, cupcakes, candybars, tastycakes, donuts, chocolates of any kind, candies of any and ALL kinds, basically anything that you would grab when your sweet-tooth attacks. So, here's why "Sweets" is the topic for my blog: I'm giving them up for Lent.

Now, not to get into religion here (because thats not what this blog is about) but I do follow Christian practices and beliefs and therefore, I do give up something for Lent. Each year I try to do something different. I sit back I think about something that I use as a crutch in my life, something that I feel I cannot live without. One of these years, I'll attempt to give up coffee....but this year is NOT the year for that..sorry. So yesterday I sat back and thought about my daily routine and the things I always do. And then it hit me, every night that I go to class...I become a victim of: THE DREADED VENDING MACHINE! When we get our break from class, I rush to the bathroom (all this water I drink makes me have to pee sooooo bad!) and right after that, I head to the refreshment room down the hall and stand in front of the vending machine, trying to decide between the lesser of all the evils contained behind that attractive glass case. Inevitably, I end up getting a candy bar of some sorts. I say to myself, 'okay I'll only eat half of it and throw the rest out...' yeah...that doesn't happen. And THIS is how I came to my decision, NO MORE SWEETS FOR LENT!

Last night I had a class, coincidentally yesterday was also the first day of Lent. On my break from class I did my usual bathroom run, and out of habit I headed to that vending machine. I stood there for a few seconds deciding what to get, settled on a Twix Bar, got my dollar bill up to the 'insert money' slot, then realized, "OH CRAP! NO SWEETS!" It was a difficult rest of the night in class without that sugar fix. On the way home, however, I felt pretty proud of myself! I didn't have to think about the calories I ate in that candy, like I normally do on the way home...instead, I got to feel good that I didn't give in to the temptation and made the healthy decision. I'm not going to say that the decision was easy...because obviously it was not...but I did feel a lot better having made that decision NOT to eat the sweets.

This is what I'm dealing with for the next 6 weeks or so (whenever Lent ends....I don't have a calendar in front of me...) I think this first week will be pretty difficult, but I'm hoping that it will soon get easier and that by the end of this 6 week period, not eating sweets will become second nature....I hope. We'll see!

Check out my Youtube channel for a "Weigh In" video later today! *Hint* ITS A GREAT WEIGH IN!!!! YAY!

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  1. I gave up sugar - for pretty much the reasons you described. I just found your blog, yay! :)