Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Goodmorning to everyone still reading this blog! (haha) I have definitely neglected my "semi-daily blogging" and that just stinks. See, the problem is this: I have started a daily Vlog on my Youtube channel. So I feel like, that daily vlog takes away from my ability to produce an interesting and remotely entertaining daily vlog. In essence, if you're seeing it in the videos...then why should you have to read about it too? But, I'm going to make a conscious effort to update here more often. It may be daily at times and it may be once a week, but either way...I hope my followers will still read and enjoy!

So, Jeremiah got his hair cut yesterday! I was so surprised at how well he did! He just sat still in the little Choo-Choo Train chair and let the guy cut, cut, cut away! I was so proud. I saw a little kid next to him (who was older, mind you) and that child was kicking and screaming and crying. His mother was begging him, "Just keep still and Mommy will get you some candy..." Ugh, thats not my style of parenting, I don't bargain with my child. Granted, he's rather young and doesn't understand...but still, this Momma will not bargain for good behavior.

Okay, on to weight and health related topics. This daily vlog I started. I started it in order to kind of "make-up" for all the times I've missed my 'mid-week update' in the past on the channel. But once I got into it, like two or three days, I realized how helpful they really are. Like I said in one of the videos, its very easy to put on a smile and say how happy and wonderful everything is only once a week....but its quite another thing to be honest and have a camera catch your true, raw, emotions day in and day out. It keeps me honest, it keeps me focused, it keeps me motivated. And whats really cool, is that people seem to really like them! YAY! I figured a day in the life of me might bore someone to death, but I guess not!

Seeing as it is a Sunday and Rob is not here to help with watching Jeremiah, I will not be heading to the gym this morning. I bought some Jillian Michaels DVD's this past week and I'm thinking of attempting one of the workouts at some point today. That will be my workout. Its necessary to take a break from all the crazy cardio anyway. My trainer was telling me that some of the muscle discomfort I have been having in my hips and legs could simply be from overuse. So, no running for me today. Just some ab work will be sufficient enough.

I find the most difficult thing for me on my 'day off' from the gym is keeping my diet in check. I try to eat the same as I do during the week, but for some reason it doesn't always work out too well. I'm going to really try today. I'm headed to an "adult party" this afternoon which is sure to have lots of wonderful (bad for you) foods and snacks. I'm making a promise to myself right now that I will not have any. I will wait until I get home to have my healthy salad and healthy snacks. The worst I will have at that party is maybe a diet soda. Is that terrible? I find that at least once a week I crave a diet soda drink of some kind. I think this is a huge improvement for me. Growing up, it was pretty common for me to drink over 8 glasses of soda a day, and I'm not talking diet soda here. Now I refuse to keep any kind of carbonated drinks in my home. Its all natural fruit juices (watered down) for my son, water water water for me (with the occasional crystal light packet) and my husband drinks that sugary iced tea (I'm not a big fan...tastes like I'm drinking straight sugar! YUCK!)

When I sit back and think of it, my lifestyle has changed so much in only 6 years. I'm not even talking about being a mother and being married and all of that. I'm simply referring to the food choices and exercise choices I make everyday. I can't imagine life without running almost everyday, this is coming from a person who used to get annoyed when she had to take the trash out, this is coming from a person who would get winded walking up a flight of stairs, this is coming from someone who used to be a half-a-pack-a-day smoker. I mean, when I really think of how my life is today, and how it used to be 6 years ago....its really not a shocker that I was so overweight and unhappy. I think thats the greatest thing that has changed though: my attitude. I now see life as a beautiful and enjoyable experience. I used to not see it that way. I think being positive and being grateful for all the wonderful things in your life, helps you to be a more positive person in general.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Spring Break! I know I have. Just a lot of relaxing and enjoying no school! YEAH! Now back to the books...for sure.

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