Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feeling Better (3/365)

*For the record: I know this post is going up on Day 4 and it seems as though I skipped a day already, but I did not. I had this post all typed out and was going to hit 'publish' but I got side tracked and TOTALLY forgot to post it before I went to sleep last night. Therefore, I DID write on Day 3, just didn't click a freakin' button. GET OFF MY CASE! (kthanks!)*

I'm starting to feel a bit better about this whole "weight loss" idea. For a while there in the very beginning, I was working on it, failing, then giving up. Then trying again, working, failing, giving up. The vicious cycle goes on and on. You all know how that goes. But finally, I just resolved to seriously suck it up and just stick to a plan. I think thats the real problem with many people - including myself! - when it comes to losing weight. Too often, so many people whine that they have tried all the diets and they've tried working out and that NOTHING works for them. I simply do not believe this. The REAL problem is that they are unable to stick to a program TRUTHFULLY for an extended period of time. Why did I emphasize the word "truthfully"? Because if you are not 100% committed to a weight loss program and you tend to slip up here or there, then you can expect that your weight loss will not be 100% there. You may gain here or there, if you cheat here or there. Does that make sense? Basically, what I'm saying is that if you stick to ANY program, no matter WHAT it is, you WILL lose weight. Its just the science of it all. Now, it may not be sustainable weight loss, but you WILL lose for the time being.

I have been on track for the past 4 days. Counting my calories, working out at least once a day without fail, and not eating after 8pm - for those of you wondering, this is my "weight loss plan" in so many words - and guess what? I'm seeing results! Now, I'm not going to announce my loss for the week yet because I don't want to get too cocky here, but just know that I'm getting results and thats what matters.

So thats it, just a little something I wanted to share today. Hey, as I said in the beginning, these entries may not be very exciting, but hey....its MY online journal. So DEAL WITH IT. (Sorry, thats my passive-aggressive-ness rearing its ulgy head. haha)

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  1. I'm glad to see you posting a blog again. Maybe it's just me but I find the blogs much more helpful than the videos. I can quickly go back through my journal and pluck out dates and do a quick read to see what was going on and how I dealt with it. Videos give you the picture of how you looked, but they take me longer to get through and somehow are less useful. Not only that but the act of journaling itself is very helpful to me. The video helped but not as much or in the same ways.

    I saw you going through those cycles last year and even honestly a bit in 2011. I knew that you knew you were struggling and sometimes I don't think there's anything anyone on the outside can say when we get into these ruts. You just have to work your own way out and maybe sometimes it just takes time passing or getting into a different life situation.

    One thing that would help us all, but is of course hard to do (or else we'd have all been doing it regularly) is to really focus on eating a LOT more fruits and vegetables. Don't worry about the "sugar" in fruit, that's not going to be harmful in any shape or form unless you drink juice and don't eat the fruit (the fiber component is a huge element in eating fruit, you will be spared the insulin spike from the fruit's sugars). There's a guy named Dr. Doug Lisle from the "Forks over Knives" movie (a good one if you can rent it/Netflix it) who really goes into depth about how the processed foods we all grew up on are so artificially calorie dense and even addictive that it's no wonder we're all overweight. If you eat almost exclusively plants, you fill up naturally and stop eating before ever going overboard and you can drop (supposedly) counting calories. Again it's very hard to do because we all crave the foods we grew up with. I can't go 100% vegetarian or vegan even though I've tried. But I do find the more I eat that way, the easier it is for me to stay "full" and not have cravings and the weight comes off faster and easier (ie, I don't go over on calories because it's hard to go over when you're stuffed to the gills with broccoli!). Just some thoughts I wanted to pass along.