Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Weekend (Day 6 and 7 / 365)

Okay, so we were out of town late on Friday night (didn't get home until after 2am) and this is why there is no separate entry for Day 6.  Basically, I took Friday as my "Day Off" and has turned into a rest day as well. No gym for two days and I already feel like a lazy slob.  I guess thats a good thing. And yes, I will definitely be going tomorrow - Sunday - just so I don't feel completely guilty for not doing much this weekend.  And I will make it a double day. Yes...I am that crazy.

I have some very exciting news! Looks like I will be meeting my New Year's goal of running a half marathon this year! My home town of Fort Myers, FL is holding their first annual Marathon/Half Marathon this November. I am not so ambitious as to sign up for the Marathon so I will be registering for the Half! I'm so excited! And I'm MORE than sure that I have plenty enough time to train for this. I have a total of 8 months. I really think I can do it.  And not only that, but I'm not going to enter this thing with any ideas of winning or placing within my age bracket, nope....I just want to finish. I don't care if it takes me 4 hours to complete the half marathon course, as long as I finish...thats all that matters to me. And I mean that.

I think its a good idea to have goals like these when you're trying to lose weight.  It tends to give you something to work towards. Sure, you can say that you're working towards a certain weight or size of pants, but that doesn't always keep you motivated.  But for me, when I spend this money and register for this race, its a solid commitment that I HAVE to go through with.  Therefore, each day that I even THINK about NOT getting my miles in for training, I will be able to sit back and think about how NOT running that day is not going to help me at all come race day.  And I really think that will keep me going. And after I do this half marathon, who knows? Maybe my goal for 2014 will be to run my first marathon! - Or.....maybe just another half....haha-

I'm also very eager to get started on this week.  Now that I'm done babysitting for my friend, I will have the ability to go to the gym every morning with the boys and then again at night.  I'm thinking that my plan will be to get my cardio in during the day then when I go back at night, I might try and hit up some classes.  I really want to do some classes that focus on core strength and just strength training in general.  I'll have to check the class schedule, but I'm sure I remember seeing some classes listed that focus on just that.  I also want to start getting back into Yoga. With my back problems that I have been having since I had Jonah, I think maybe doing some less-intense Yoga will help to loosen things up a bit. No, I won't be doing any crazy poses just yet, but I remember doing Yoga from time to time when I lived in New Jersey and I really did enjoy it. For anyone reading this who has not yet tried Yoga, let me tell you, its a lot more strenuous than you might think.

So, thats basically my weekend in a nutshell. Not much else going on. Just a couple of things I'm looking forward to accomplishing in the future. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend and is staying on track.


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