Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beginning Again....

Its January. Its 2013. Don't you think its high time I get this thing going again already? I do.

So, here's what I'm thinking: I want to get back to blogging and I'm thinking about doing it daily. They might not be very long or particularly interesting. But I would like to treat this blog as if it were my diary of sorts. Not all my entries may be about weight loss (although, many of them will be as that is my main purpose here in the blogging world, losing weight.) some entries may just be about life in general and what I'm dealing with as my life has changed quite a bit since giving birth. I'm definitely not able to do a video everyday, but I do think I'm pretty capable of sitting down at my computer and typing each day and its something I'm going to commit to. So...starting today, my goal is to have 365 days of blogging. (lol) What a rather lofty goal, eh? And yes, I am aware that I'm beginning this on the 13th of January and NOT on the first. I guess I'll just continue until the 13th of NEXT year then. How do ya like that? So, in light of this new plan of mine...lets get down to business, shall we?

Whats been going on:

Well, I had my son (Jonah) on October 28th 2012. He is currently 2months old and already 16 POUNDS!!!! (I say this in shock because many people have 1yr olds who are 16lbs! lol, Needless to say, Jonah's nickname around our house is, "The Tank"). Unfortunately, during the birthing process I suffered a few complications which I'm afraid have left their mark on my for a lifetime. Mainly, lower back pain. I received an epidural for the pain and it went horribly wrong. I won't get into any real details (don't want to bore you) but it is my opinion that the woman who administered the epidural (which if you didn't know, an epidural is when they put a 6inch needle into your spinal area and inject pain killers to numb you from the pain) was significantly incompetent and she permanently damaged some nerves in my back. Every morning I get up, I have such bad lower back pain that I cannot fully bend over or even walk with my back straight. I even have trouble picking up my little Jonah.  The pain does get better throughout the day and even disappears, but it will re-appear late at night. As I said, I'm afraid that this is something I'm simply going to have to live with. I'm hoping that it won't interfere too much with my weight loss endeavors this time around.

This past December I decided it was about time I got off my butt and got back to working out.  Mainly because I had made it to my 6week recovery period after giving birth and as a Birthday present to myself (my bday is Dec. 8th) I asked Rob for a membership to the local YMCA. I started to go to the gym regularly for about 2 weeks, then when the holidays came and with them, I went down to Fort Myers, FL (2 hrs south of my current location) to visit with my family and friends for the holidays. I was there for about 2 weeks or so and I did not watch what I ate and I did NOT exercise.

Now this leads me to the present time. We are currently in the new year and I STILL have not got my act together. I will admit, I have made significant changes to my day-to-day diet and I even track here or there. But, the motivation is simply lacking. Also, I'm unable to get to the gym in the mornings right now because I am babysitting for a friend and have been for a week.  My car does not have enough room to fit a car seat for her daughter as well as my boys' I'm stuck at home with them all day. And I will admit that after she picks up her daughter for the day and I get dinner ready, clean the kitchen and clean up the house from the day's mayhem of child care, I'm pretty darn pooped out. And I rarely make it to the gym at night. My last day of babysitting is this Friday.  My "plan" for this week is to get up early before Rob leaves for work in the morning and before my friend gets here with her daughter, and try to go for a short run. A very very very VERY short run. I'm talking, maybe just 10minutes or so. Then I will go to the gym at night after everything is said and done for the day. Its the best I can do for now. And sometimes, thats just okay.

I can't sit here and type out that I have any really grand ideas of huge successes this year. I CAN tell you that I want to run a half marathon within this year.  I also want to make it simply back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which is roughly 40lbs to lose in order to get there), and I want to get a job using my Paralegal Degree within this year. Thats it. No real "resolutions" this year. I'm simply stating the things I'm planning on doing. I've begun to stop with the New Years Resolutions. I never really do them. Isn't that funny? I think MOST people can agree with me on this one.  I would go as far to say that probably about 80% of all New Year's Resolutions are not completed or accomplished each year. And thats okay too. Thats life.

So, thats it for now. I'll be back tomorrow with another NAIL BITING entry (hahaha - enjoy that sarcasm? Get used to it!)

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