Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Say No... (13/365)

Yep, thats right folks. Just Say No! hahaha

Thats what I did tonight. Rob came home from work with a big old bag of tortilla chips and two jars of Chi-Chi's Salsa.  Now, normally I would have dived into those chips and salsa and probably munched on almost half a day's worth of calories. But as it happens, I was in the middle of preparing our dinner when he came home and I had a nice full glass of water next to me while cooking. So when he said, "You want some?" It was pretty easy for me to simply pick up my glass of water, take a big swig and say, "Nope. I'm good". Yep, I'm good. Thats for sure!

Its small things like this that make up a HUGE difference in the end. Just think about that.  Have you ever seen that commercial where a woman is talking about leaving a little bit of food on your plate after each meal and think of how much that would add up to.  Its a really old commercial, so maybe you haven't seen it.  But that commercial has always stuck with me. I try to remember it when I feel like lapping down my entire plate full of food even when I'm no longer hungry.  Just think. What if you left a quarter of your plate of food there each time you eat.  In a day, it would surely add up to almost an entire meal's worth of calories that you skipped out on. And that can be a great thing because most of the time our meals have much too many calories as it is. 

I did pretty well today.  We went to the gym this morning and I was GOING to go tonight....but then Rob fell asleep - which is not out of the ordinary- and the baby was still asleep so I didn't feel comfortable leaving the house if Rob wasn't awake to hear if the baby woke up to be fed. So, I stayed. But I'm excited for tomorrow morning! I'm thinking of getting out really early and going for a run on the beach.  The beach is only about a 5minute drive from my house and there is a really nice running/biking path right next to the bridge that goes over to the beach. I think it would be a great and fun workout! I might just wait til Jonah wakes me up in the morning to feed him (usually around 5am or 6am) and then get ready and go after he falls back asleep. Then I'm thinking of going back to the gym tomorrow afternoon for some strength training.

I gotta say, I'm really loving this motivation I'm having right now and I'm taking advantage of it. We all know that days of great motivation like these do not always happen when you're trying to get healthy and lose weight. So, I better make the most of them while the motivation is still there. Happy Friday night to everyone!


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